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florida welcome center

Florida Welcome Center wild flowers

I love living in Marietta, GA!   It’s the perfect location to drive to Florida or the mountains of Tennessee!  Every year we go to the beautiful beaches of Florida in the panhandle area between Panama City and Destin.  There is a beautiful strip of coastal beauty and it’s called 30A.  We (my husband and I) grew up going camping with our families, so we have chosen to do the same with our daughter.  We got our first travel trailer the year before our daughter was born.  We actually made our

florida welcome center

first trip in it right after we found out we were expecting. We went to Topsail State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  This year was our 4th year in a row and we can’t say enough great things about it!  We found it by chance and know it was meant to be.

Since were all creatures of habit we have a tendency to visit the same favorite places each year.  We love to visit the Donut Hole for breakfast at least once and Hunt’s Oyster Bar for lunch (all the way in Panama City).  I told my husband this next year we are going to try at least one new place.  We will see if that happens…;o)


topsail state park

She loved going for walks on daddy’s shoulders! (Notice she has her ball!)

topsail state park

Beautiful sunset over the pond . And view from our camping spot.

topsail state park santa rosa beach 30a santa rosa beach 30a santa rosa beach

I wanted to share a few of the photos I took of my daughter this year.  She is wearing a


Trish Scully Child dress that I just love!  She also happens to be a mommy’s girl, but on vacation it’s her opportunity to be daddy’s girl for the week. I just love seeing them together as they are my heart outside of my body.  Our daughter has always loved playing with balls and her love continues to grow.  One of the photos I snapped kind of made me laugh because it looks like she’s waiting for a football.  I didn’t see NFL as an option, but these days you just never know.  I didn’t make it down to the beach to take any, but there are some gorgeous ponds in the park so, I took advantage of those!  My princess alsoin a photo with our trooper of a dog named ‘Meeko’.  He is getting to be up there in age as he turned 13 last December.  She loves her Meeko and I know this photo will always be treasured by myself in the years to come!


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