Toddler Edition Mother’s Day Target Trip Marietta, GA


Last Sunday on Mother’s Day I needed to pick up a few things from Target.  Since I love taking photos in general I thought I would lug my big camera in and create a memory for my daughter (toddler style). These days she doesn’t want to ride in the shopping cart, she insist on walking and/or pushing it.  We made the rounds and picked up our goods for the day including some water toys for our pool and BBQ party later that day.  We had so much fun that afternoon I didn’t take any photos just enjoyed the time with family.

Monday morning rolls around and my sweet daughter has vomited upon waking up.  Of course the mom in me hopes and prays it’s a one time random thing.  Nope turns out she finally got the bug.  We headed to the doctor later that day to find out it’s a give it time kind of virus.  So here I am on Thursday finally getting around to looking at my Target photos.  She napping right now which on a normal day she doesn’t do anymore.  I think she has turned the corner and I am praying it doesn’t make it’s rounds through the rest of our family.  So I just wanted to share the few photos I took of my dear daughter before our week went down hill very fast.

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east cobb target

east cobb target east cobb target east cobb target


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From one mother to another I hope you had a very Happy Mother’s Day!






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